AI & Robotics Front and Center at GTC Japan

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robotsRobotics and Deep Learning applications were front and center at GTC Japan this week, where 2600 attendees lined up to hear the latest on GPU technologies.

The age of AI is here,” said Jen-Hsun Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA. “‎GPU deep learning ignited this new wave of computing where software learns and machines reason. One of the most exciting creations will be intelligent robots that can understand their environment and interact with people. NVIDIA is delighted to partner with FANUC, the world leader of industrial robotics, to realize a future where intelligent machines accelerate the advancement of humanity.”

Now in its eighth year, GTC Japan focuses on the key technology trends of AI, robotics and autonomous vehicles. Visitors will attend 70 sessions in eight tracks focused on areas such as autonomous vehicles; deep learning; supercomputing and HPC; professional visualization and VR; and graphics virtualization.

At the event, Huang announced a new partnership with FANUC, the world leader in autonomous factories and robotics. He said NVIDIA will help FANUC implement AI in its robots and factory systems, which today are primarily used for building cars in the US and Japan. Thanks to deep learning, the robots will be able to learn on their own, instead of being painstakingly programmed for each function they need to perform.

In this video, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang keynotes GTC Japan.

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