European Scientists Can Access more PRACE Supercomputing Power

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praceEuropean scientists and researchers can now apply for access to PRACE supercomputing resources through the PRACE Call 14.

The PRACE Call 14 is open under the new framework of the PRACE 2 program. PRACE welcomes CSCS (Switzerland) as the 5th PRACE hosting partner making available their system Piz Daint, and the new MareNostrum4 system provided by BSC (Spain). These two Tier-0 systems contributes compute core hours to Call 14 as well as the ones provided by France (GENCI), Germany (GCS) and Italy (CINECA). In total PRACE can offer more than 2000 million compute core hours which is 3 times more than in previous calls and now offers a cumulated peak performance of more than 50 Petaflops.


PRACE Call 14 is the start of a new era under PRACE 2 with 5 hosting partners and 7 systems. The new hosting partner CSCS (Switzerland) already contributes with the Piz Daint system compute core hours to the PRACE Project Access Call for Proposals while BSC (Spain) will make available the fourth upgrade of their system MareNostrum. PRACE offers a wide variety of system architectures which provides to the user with a diversity of resources for their research projects e.g. from standard x86 and MPP architectures to many core hours and hybrid systems. PRACE Call 14 offer 3 time more compute core hours compare to the previous calls in total 2000 million.

The PRACE Access Committee, composed of leading European scientists and engineers, ranks the project proposals that will be awarded access to PRACE resources.

Applications are due November 21, 2016.

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