Pure Storage Introduces Petabyte Flash Arrays

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evergreenToday Pure Storage announced the availability of petabyte-scale storage for mission-critical cloud IT, anchored by the release of the next-generation of FlashArray//m the company’s flagship all-flash storage array, which now delivers best-in-class performance with the simplicity and agility of public cloud. The FlashArray//m now offers customers petabyte-scale capacity with a measured 99.9999 percent availability and always-on Quality of Service – virtually eliminating storage downtime and application performance risk. For more information on today’s announcements, Pure Storage has launched “Outside the Box” – an ongoing informational video series for the technical community – which debuts today.

Storage underlies everything we do in today’s digital economy, an economy that is increasingly powered by cloud IT,” said Matt Kixmoeller, VP of Product, Pure Storage. “Pure Storage has built the smart storage platform to deliver cloud IT – whether it be public cloud, SaaS, private cloud, or a mix of all three. Efficient all-flash storage, now at petabyte-scale, is the agile foundation of tomorrow’s clouds.”

With today’s release of the next-generation FlashArray//m, Pure Storage is equipping customers with Smart Storage, which is purpose-built to be effortless, efficient and evergreen – and capable of delivering the simplicity, automation, resiliency, and customer friendly business model which are all essential for cloud IT.

“Pure Storage helps free up our IT staff to focus on strategy and value-added projects that improve the business, process and performance,” said Shawn O’Brien, Director of Architecture and Infrastructure, Room & Board. “By delivering on simplicity and engineering for future technologies, Pure delivers simplicity and ease-of-management while keeping our infrastructure modern, online and scalable.”

The newly updated FlashArray//m, the fifth generation of Pure Storage’s flagship FlashArray product, now scales up to 512 terabytes of raw flash, which translates to approximately 1.5 petabytes of effective capacity – all in just 7U of rack space. This scale and density enables customers to consolidate racks of legacy disk storage down to 7U or less.

Leveraging Pure’s Evergreen architecture, the existing FlashArray customers of every generation can seamlessly upgrade to the new FlashArray//m, allowing customers to take advantage of rapid technology advances in both compute and flash. The new FlashArray//m offers four different controller options to meet a variety of performance and capacity needs:

  • //m10 (introduced earlier in 2016) – up to 25 TBs effective usable capacity (5 – 10 TBs raw storage) and up to 100,000 32K input/output operations per second (IOPS)
  • New //m20 – up to 250 TBs effective usable capacity (5 – 80 TBs raw storage) and up to 200,000 32K IOPS
  • New //m50 – up to 500 TBs effective usable capacity (20 – 176 TBs raw storage) and up to 270,000 32K IOPS
  • New //m70 – up to 1.5 Petabytes effective usable capacity (42 – 512 TBs raw storage) and up to 370,000 32K IOPS

Across these new controller options, the FlashArray//m delivers a 20 to 30 percent performance boost and a 100 – 276 percent capacity boost over the previous FlashArray//m generation. Object scale has also been improved by 10X, enhancing overall system scalability and enabling large-scale Copy Data Management with up to 50,000 space-efficient snapshots on the system.

The new versions of FlashArray//m are now available to order, with new //m20, //m50, and //m70 configurations now shipping.

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