HPCG Performance List Released at SC16

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hpcgThe High Performance Conjugate Gradients (HPCG) Benchmark list was released this week at SC16.

This is the sixth list produced for the emerging benchmark designed to complement the traditional High Performance LINPACK (HPL) benchmark used as the official metric for ranking the TOP500 systems.  The first HPCG list was announced at ISC’14 two and a half years ago, containing 15 entries, the SC’15 list had 60 and ISC’16 had 80.  The current list contains more than 100 entries as HPCG continues to gain traction in the HPC community.

The SC16 list contains entries for more than half of the top 50 systems from TOP500, but exhibits a significant shuffling of the HPL rankings, indicating that HPCG features are exposing different and complementary system characteristics.

Highlights from the 6th HPCG list

  • HPCG list of supercomputing sites now features 101 entries, most of them from the very top of the TOP500 list.
  • More effective adaptation of HPCG to K Computer put it at the top of the list.
  • Strong showing from Japan with number 1 and number 3 entries.
  • HPCG shows significant difference in rankings compared to HPL, especially for top systems.
  • Vendor optimizations illustrate adaptability of HPCG, inform similar adaptations for important applications.

About the HPCG Benchmark Project

The High Performance Conjugate Gradients (HPCG) Benchmark Project started over three years ago as an effort to probe important characteristics of HPC computer systems, highlighting and rewarding investment in hardware features, such as high performance interconnects, memory systems, and fine grain cooperative threading, that are important to a broad set of applications.  HPCG has emerged as a complementary benchmark to the traditional High Performance LINPACK (HPL) benchmark used to rank the TOP500 systems.  The pair of numbers provided by HPCG and HPL act as bookends on the performance spectrum of a given system.

View the current HPCG Benchmark list.

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