Avere Speeds Hybrid Cloud at SC16

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bernieIn this video from SC16, Bernie Behn from Avere Systems describes the company’s innovative Hybrid Cloud NAS solutions for HPC.

“As the ability of accessing large computing environments eases with the use of cloud, more and more companies are facing storage challenges in high performance computing (HPC) workloads. As innovation brings larger projects to IT infrastructure, managers are faced with performance, capacity, and budget issues. Avere Hybrid Cloud is a groundbreaking solution that changes the economics and functionality of data storage and computing. Avere Hybrid Cloud enables companies to leverage public and private storage clouds, IaaS, and elastic compute for workloads previously limited to on-premises high-performance (HPC) storage systems. With Avere Systems, you can achieve unlimited performance scaling, eliminate latency and cut storage costs by more than 50%.”

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