CoolIT Systems Showcases HPC Liquid Cooling at SC16

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Geoff Lyon, CoolIT Systems

Geoff Lyon, CoolIT Systems

Today CoolIT Systems welcomed SC16 attendees to Salt Lake City, Utah for the fifth consecutive year as an Exhibitor and host of a Birds-of-a-Feather panel session.

CoolIT offers the broadest range liquid cooling devices in the industry and will introduce a number of new products at SC16. Among the new solutions is a rack mounted liquid-to-air CDU that allows users to realize the benefits of liquid cooling without the requirement of facility water. Also on display is the complete range of Rack DCLC heat exchangers, including the powerful 4u rackmount CHx80 which manages 80 kW of IT load with warm water (Ashrae W4).

We have assembled a comprehensive display of technology and OEM solutions to address all liquid cooling requirements in the global HPC market,” said CoolIT Systems CEO and CTO Geoff Lyon. “Our partnership with STULZ provides the market with the benefits of a single vendor to implement and service HPC cooling solutions in over 140 countries – truly a unique offering.”

Active and passive coldplates for new processor technologies, including solutions engineered for the Intel Xeon Phi x200 Processor Product Family (Knights Landing) and the next generation Intel Xeon E5 processor (Skylake EP) family will be showcased. In addition, CoolIT has announced coldplate solutions for the NVIDA Tesla P100 (Pascal) and the AMD FirePro S9300 x2.

At the ISC High performance (ISC16) show earlier this year, CoolIT and STULZ announced the Chip-to-Atmosphere™ partnership that delivers end-to-end solutions for all HPC cooling, installation and service requirements. Debuting at SC16 is the new MicroDC product – an IT cabinet that integrates CoolIT’s Rack DCLC CHx80 and STULZ’s CyberRow in a single solution that contains 100% of the IT heat. This room-neutral and highly efficient system allows for densities of 65kW with 35°C (95°F) facility inlet water.

Server solutions from several major OEM’s will be displayed, including:

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise Apollo 2000 System with the option to integrate liquid cooling through CoolIT’s Closed-Loop DCLC™ product line or Rack DCLC™ product line (compatible with CoolIT’s Heat Exchange Modules for organizations of all sizes to achieve maximum data center potential.)
  • NEC Blue Marlin with CoolIT’s high-performance RP2 Passive Coldplate Assembly, specifically designed for Intel Xeon Phi x200 Knights Landing Processor.
  • Dell PowerEdge C6320 with dedicated liquid cooling to the CPUs, VR and Memory.

CoolIT will be featuring a case study on the exceptionally green data center cooling solution at the Poznan Supercomputing & Networking Center (PSNC). The PSNC “Eagle” cluster uses 1,032 liquid cooled Huawei CH121 servers to increase density and reduce energy consumption. PSNC was able to deploy this new cluster without having to invest in additional expensive cooling infrastructure. The hot return water from the cluster is also being recycled for local heating needs.

CoolIT has also been selected to host SC16 Birds-of-a-Feather session “Today’s Hot Technology: The Growing Necessity of Liquid Cooling in HPC”, 5.15pm-7.00pm on Tuesday 15 November in Room 355-D, Salt Palace Convention Center. Panelists include Geoff Lyon (CoolIT Systems), Wade Doll (Cray), Sammy Zimmerman (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), Michael K Patterson (Intel) and Steven Hammond (National Renewable Energy Laboratory). Topics of interest include education of customers, training for and management of installations and upgrades, international service requirements, and the ongoing responsibility for every step of the innovation to be as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible despite the incredible processing power.

Visit CoolIT at SC16 booth #1843.

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