CycleCloud V6 spins up HPC Clusters in the Cloud

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CycleCloud Overview

CycleCloud Overview

Today Cycle Computing announced the newest version of CycleCloud, the leading software for creating technical computing and HPC clusters in the cloud. From small sized systems to some of the fastest computers in the world, CycleCloud makes it easy to deploy, secure, automate, and manage running calculations dynamically.

CycleCloud V6 makes multi-environment management easier than ever before and is designed to deliver greater flexibility in managing workloads, cloud access, and cluster set-up.

Organizations deal with multiples on a regular basis: multiple users, multiple applications, multiple providers, and multiple goals. With CycleCloud V6, administrators, users, and organizations now have more access, visibility, and control over all of the multiple approaches possible in a cloud-based Big Compute world.

CycleCloud V6 offers a variety of new features that lead to greater flexibility including:

  • Improved support for multiple cloud service providers, which reduces provider-specific complexity in cluster configuration
  • More flexible role-based access controls for delegating cluster access and management to users
  • Automatic creation of AWS Placement Groups per job to improve interconnect performance for MPI jobs by keeping cores as physically close as possible
  • Support for AWS minimum request sizes as well as AWS Spot Launch Groups, ensuring MPI and other multi-instance jobs receive all the required on-demand or spot compute resources.
  • Support for the latest Microsoft Azure Cloud API, which improves the scalability of clusters in Azure
  • Improved performance for data transfer and management
  • Improved auto-scaling API to allow for custom scheduler deployments

CycleCloud has made an impact on a host of use cases – from our recently announced NASA Sub-Saharan carbon-emissions project to needs in the financial sector, manufacturing and life sciences. CycleCloud has saved countless hours overcoming the challenges typically associated with Cloud HPC and brought in real ROI,” said Jason Stowe, CEO, Cycle Computing. “Our CycleCloud V6 further optimizes what is already unique about its predecessor, bringing unmatched scalability, provisioning, and data management in a secure process. We are extremely pleased to bring V6 to market.”

CycleCloud V6 is now available to existing and new Cycle Computing customers.

SC16In this this video from ISC 2016, Tim Carroll describes how Cycle Computing is working with Dell Technologies to deliver more science for more users.

You can find Cycle Computing at SC16 booth #3621 in Salt Lake City, November 14-18th.

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