LCS to Unveil Immersive-cooled Servers at SC16

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liquidcoolToday LiquidCool Solutions (LCS) announced plans to unveil two new liquid submerged servers at SC16 in Salt Lake City. Based on a clamshell design, the SCS Submerged Cloud Server, is a 2U 4-node server designed for Cloud-computing applications. The SGS, Submerged GPU Server, is a 2U dual node server designed for HPC applications that can be equipped with four GPU cards or four Xeon Phi boards. Both servers are completely fanless and require no mechanical refrigeration for cooling.

Cooling servers that generate enormous amounts of heat is an engineering challenge that we’ve addressed with our patented technology,” said Herb Zien, CEO, LiquidCool Solutions. “We have the best solution for significantly reducing the amount of power required to operate a datacenter and capture waste heat in a form that is convenient for recycling.”

Datacenters throughout the United States collectively use roughly 100 billion kWh of electricity per year, most of which is converted into low-grade heat and rejected into the environment.

LCS addresses this issue with its Clamshell design, in which server electronics are sealed and sandwiched between a stamped top cover and bottom pan. Dielectric fluid is circulated through the entire enclosure, removing heat from 100% of the electronic components. The Clamshell design is low-cost and flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of server configurations, including those meeting Open Compute Project design standards.

Due to the extremely low pumping power required to circulate the fluid, Clamshell server systems operate at a “true” cooling PUE of 1.02. Furthermore, over 90% of the waste heat from the servers can be recovered for reuse at temperatures as high as 135oF, which is hot enough for conventional domestic water or building heating systems.

“The cost of a Clamshell server is very close to a comparably provisioned air-cooled server. So the benefits, which include significantly reduced operating costs, smaller footprint, elimination of water use and silent operation, are essentially free. With Clamshell servers and racks as an option it is difficult to justify the additional capital investment required to build and support an air-cooled datacenter.”

LCS invites SC16 attendees to visit at booth #4474.

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