BeeGFS Updates with built-in Metadata High-Availability

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Sven Breuner, CEO at ThinkParQ

Sven Breuner, CEO at ThinkParQ

Today ThinkParQ announced the immediate availability of BeeGFS version 6.0. As the first release in a new versioning scheme, release 6.0 is the direct successor of the 2015.03 release series, which was in fact the 5th BeeGFS major release.

This new release is another big step for the development of BeeGFS”, says Christian Mohrbacher, development lead of BeeGFS. “In combination with the high availability features of the BeeGFS storage service, which were introduced in the 2015.03 major release last year, fully fault-tolerant storage systems can now be built by solely using BeeGFS-internal functionality.”

The primary focus for this release was the introduction of high availability for metadata servers as a new enterprise feature. Based on metadata replication across different servers, automatic failovers will happen in case a metadata server goes offline and automatic self-healing will resynchronize the servers when they come back online.

While some of the BeeGFS users prefer to simply rely on RAID-level protection of internal drives to have an optimal price per performance ratio, others have chosen to go with external shared storage to allow server failover in the past. Compared to external shared storage, the new release now adds an even higher level of data protection by tolerating not only server failures, but also the loss of complete RAID volumes.
As always, the new BeeGFS release supports a wide range of Linux distributions and platforms, including x86, OpenPOWER, ARM and Sunway. Upgrades to the new release for existing users are trivially simple, as sysadmins simply need to update the BeeGFS packages to the latest version.

The new BeeGFS release packages and source code are available as free download. Professional support is available from ThinkParQ in cooperation with international turn-key solution partners.

Visit the BeeGFS team at SC16 booth #1243.

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