DDN Opens Synergy Innovations Lab for HPC

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ddn2Today DDN announced that it has partnered with Synergy Solutions Management to offer organizations access to a first-of-its-kind facility in North America where users can plan, design and test video surveillance and high performance computing solutions and conduct training. The Synergy Innovations Lab, located near Vancouver, Canada, provides a fully-equipped testing lab that allows users to evaluate solutions within a mixed workload environment.

DDN is at the heart of the Synergy Innovations Lab’s integrated security and operations environment, which transacts high-throughput video and other secure data as it demonstrates DDN’s value proposition in real-time,” said Jason Morris, president and global sales, Synergy Solutions Management. “Our unique facility allows us the flexibility to showcase DDN’s massively scalable, lightning-fast storage solutions, and provides unique, valuable sales support to our joint customers seeking market-leading video surveillance and high-performance storage solutions.”

The Synergy Innovations Lab features two modern DDN systems: the SFA7700X, a hybrid-flash big data storage solution ideal for video surveillance, and the GRIDScaler GS7KX, an easy-to-deploy, high-performance, scale-out storage solution targeted toward HPC environments. For video surveillance customers, the lab works closely with consultants and system integrators to design, test and assess complete, fully-operating video surveillance/physical security systems, including cameras, access control, video management software and more. In addition, the facility provides a comprehensive training center that offers end-to-end solution training as well as DDN SFA® courses.

“DDN’s partnership with Synergy Solutions Management underscores our commitment to helping customers implement modern, state-of-the-art storage solutions,” said Jeff Adams, director of sales, surveillance solutions, DDN. “The company’s Synergy Innovations Lab, a brick-and-mortar facility that features integrated technology in a living building concept, offers everything from high-density storage, HPC, and a host of other building technologies for demonstration, design assistance, and even training. It is the first facility of its kind in North America and is a great resource for our joint customers.”

The proven team at Synergy Solutions Management will leverage its extensive experience involving integrated systems planning, mission critical deployments, and highly regulated industries including energy, corrections, utility and federal systems, among others, to design and implement world-leading, high-performance, video surveillance storage solutions for joint DDN/Synergy Solutions Management customers. Synergy Solutions Management is a DDN Manufacturer’s Representative in Canada.

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