IDC Names DDN a Global Leader in Object Storage

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ddn2Today DDN announced that IDC has once again recognized the company as a leader in object storage in its IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Object-Based Storage 2016 Vendor Assessment. This marks the fourth year that DDN has been ranked as a leader in object storage by the IDC MarketScape report, reflecting DDN’s flexible, diversified product portfolio and unrivalled leadership in object storage at scale.

DDN leads the market in large-scale object-based storage with individual customer installations of more than 500+ billion objects in production,” said Kurt Kuckein, director of product management, DDN. “DDN’s high-performance, massively scalable WOS object storage platform offers superior multi-site collaboration, big data archive capabilities and storage efficiencies that make it ideal for a wide range of use cases. In a year marked by rapid growth, new customers and new markets for DDN, we are excited to cap 2016 with IDC’s validation of our global leadership in object storage.”

DDN’s suite of WOS object storage solutions includes the WOS7000 and WOS8460 appliances; and WOS as software-only, which has seen strong traction and exceeded 10 percent of all WOS customers in the past year. Leveraging its HPC expertise and continuous object storage innovations, DDN WOS is making it radically easier for IT organizations to realize object storage efficiencies across expanded use cases, such as active archive, collaborative communities, and replacing legacy backup infrastructure.

The IDC MarketScape found that the strength of DDN’s WOS object storage platform emanates from the company’s ability to leverage its strengths to meet market requirements. The report highlights DDN’s extensive experience with high-performance computing workloads and its diversified portfolio that offers numerous new products tailored toward specific verticals such as MEDIAScaler for media and entertainment and IME flash-based application acceleration software solutions for traditional HPC and financial services. The report also noted that DDN’s object-based storage delivery models give customers expanded architectural flexibility and choice in meeting their specific requirements.

DDN’s leadership in large-scale object-based storage is demonstrated by WOS’ unique advantages, including:

  • Highest object storage cost savings and efficiency: With its unique NoFS architecture, WOS is the only object storage solution that doesn’t require an underlying file system, which allows it to cut hardware acquisition costs and deliver up to 99 percent efficiency (compared with other object implementations that lose 6 to 20 percent of disk capacity due to file system overhead and block waste).
  • Highest object storage performance: WOS gives customers the critical performance levels needed to scale object storage implementations locally or across multiple sites, and delivers 1.25x the speed per node of competing commercial and open-source offerings, as verified in real-world applications.
  • Industry-leading availability advantages: DDN WOS can rebuild failed drives within a single node, which significantly reduces rebuild time and risk of data loss. This capability is increasingly important as drive sizes grow larger and challenge organizations’ abilities to meet line of business data availability SLAs.
  • Flexible and massive scalability: WOS can start small – a single 4U appliance, scales in single node increments, delivers up to a quarter-million drives in a single, shared namespace, and provides a single view of files and objects, making it an ideal solution for active archive, and collaboration.

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