MEGWARE Steps Up as BeeGFS Platinum Partner

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beegfsMEGWARE, a leading European high performance computing solutions provider, today announced it is the first BeeGFS provider to achieve Platinum status for its excellent solution quality.

The BeeGFS parallel file system, designed specifically to deal with I/O intensive workloads in performance-critical environments, is known all around the globe to provide extremely fast and easy access to storage systems of all kinds and sizes, from small scale up to enterprise-class systems with thousands of hosts and including some of the fastest supercomputers in the world. With its unique focus on performance, flexibility and easy management, the open source BeeGFS file system helps customers to increase their productivity by delivering results faster and by enabling deep data analysis methods that were not possible without the specific advantages of BeeGFS.

“MEGWARE is building high quality BeeGFS turn-key solutions already since the first days of its release back in 2009. Over the years, we have seen an outstanding level of customer satisfaction and systems that regularly exceeded customer expectations in throughput, manageability and technical support. Thus, we are proud to have MEGWARE as the world’s first BeeGFS Platinum partner.“ says Sven Breuner, CEO of ThinkParQ, the company behind BeeGFS.

MEGWARE has been developing and installing HPC systems and Linux clusters for over 27 years now. The Company combines the strengths of 50 highly motivated and qualified employees, who have already supplied and implemented more than 1,000 high performance computers to research institutes, universities, and industrial and commercial customers throughout Europe.

MEGWARE has managed to achieve above-average growth with BeeGFS in recent years. Our close cooperation with the BeeGFS team and the continuous professional training of our employees far beyond industry standards was the cornerstone of this success. MEGWARE is able to advise medium-sized and large industry customers as well as public authorities on the entire BeeGFS portfolio and offer them perfectly tailored solutions, covering the full spectrum from capacity oriented designs up to all-flash systems based on NVMe technology for maximum performance.” says Peter Grossoehme, technical HPC Team Leader of MEGWARE.

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