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Daniel Chow, CTO, Silicon Mechanics

Daniel Chow, CTO, Silicon Mechanics

In this video from SC16, Silicon Mechanics CTO Daniel Chow describes how the company brings value and performance to its HPC customers.

“Are you searching for a solutions integrator that will provide you more than cookie cutter solutions? Interested in open-source and not being locked into a proprietary stack with high maintenance fees? What about working with a provider that truly places your organization’s mission and business initiatives first? Look no further than Silicon Mechanics, we are an Open-Technology Solutions Provider that has been in business for over 15 years.”

Transcript from our recent podcast:

Proudly supporting an install base of over 3000 loyal customers and various organizations that span a multitude of industries, our reach is very diverse. Represented here is a just a small but strategic representation of the diversity of clients we serve in our 4 key markets, including Enterprise IT, , Government entities, Research Institutions and Higher Education Our customers tend to be forward looking when it comes to technology adoption in HPC, Hybrid Cloud, Software Defined Storage and Infrastructure, along with Virtualization. We get to engage with them to understand at a strategic level where they’re headed over the next 2, 3, 5 years and custom build a solution that fits underneath their technology roadmap and digital business strategy. Due to the key business relationships that we have developed in our long-standing company history, and exposure to different technology challenges that we have solved for our large install base, there are very few instances when we won’t have a solution an IT challenge. As a company constructed with engineering at our core, we welcome those rare instances, as when we come across a unique customer problem that we have not encountered we embrace the opportunity to research and collaborate with our customers to resolve it in a timely manner and within budget.

As technology environments and businesses under goes change to compete in this interconnected world, where data and information about organizations customers and competitors are constantly evolving and changing. You can’t for a moment underestimate the importance of using the most up to date and secure technology to drive efficiency and cut costs to increase profitability. We consistently hear from our customers, that some of the most pressing business needs they are working to solve are centered around (3) key themes – Infrastructure Right Sizing, Security, and Data Sharing – along with penalty of various others challenges.

  1. In relationship to Infrastructure Rightsizing; customers are continually being tasked with needing to control costs and optimize every dollar spent, and in particular in the HPC space determining how best to architect and manage HPC services for users at the right cost
  2. In terms of Security, what we hear from our customers in the Government sector and other industries as well, is the constant challenges of the need to securely share mission-critical data across complex networks, while enforcing security policies to provide data to their diverse user communities.
  3. For those in the HPC space, Data Sharing will continue to be challenge both in the cloud world and in hybrid deployments. Research data is growing at phenomenal rate- driving the need for optimized accelerated compute, network bandwidth for sharing, and optimized infrastructure architectures to enable nimble research and researcher collaboration

1132aa14-hpc-built-for-you-legoblock_09t03p09t03p000000As we evaluate solutions to the previously discussed challenges (Infrastructure Rightsizing, Security, and Data Sharing) – there are some important technology trends you should be aware of and consider when it comes to gaining agility and future proofing your technology platforms.

If you are a researcher or a developer who supports a HPC environment, the recent developments in OpenHPC are providing paths to enable turn-key clustering platforms that integrate common job schedulers that also include bundled automation and orchestration without the extreme costs and rigidity seen in legacy cluster platforms. But it’s not all about speed, agility.. Especially when it comes to protecting your applications and intellectual property.

You can take common sense best practices when it comes to cyber security by hardening your Linux OS and assuring that your servers are properly secure. Living in a world with ever increasingly news of data breaches and security breaks, – security no matter the size or scale must be addressed

siliconmechanicsIf your HPC environment needs to be turbo charged, there are recent advancements in GPU, SSDs, and CPUs to accelerate you to attain quicker results and insights which span everything from IOT telemetry data to deep learning from complex neural networks.

Empowering new HPC discoveries takes many different shapes and forms. In some cases that is supporting our important research community as they seek the next generation of life-saving cures for cancer and Zika, or in our DOD customers witnessing advancements that are responsible for homeland security and national defense, but also those in the private sector. No matter the market or the deployment challenge, we at Silicon Mechanics have a multitude of options and solutions that cover containerizing applications hosted in a Private and Public Hybrid cloud IaaS solutions which are running in Secure Multi-level Security tenant Linux Virtual Machines that are based on the latest and greatest Intel hardware architectures.

Partnering with Silicon Mechanics as your trusted technology partner can solve your infrastructure and organizational (technology) needs due to our:

  • 15 years of acquired and accumulated Engineering Depth and expertise
  • Exposure to a breadth of technology challenges which are sourced from a multitude of customers in various industries
  • Service and Support offerings that add value beyond the out of box hardware and software products
  • High standards to assuring that products are delivered with 0 defects and on-time. We are committed to using Dev/Ops and automation to remove any human errors and assure that you never received products that have hardware or firmware or driver defects.

In conclusion, when looking for a leading solutions integrator to couple disparate hardware and software products into a “HPC Built For You” solution, that will keep up with the evolution and disruptive forces in technology – the Experts at Silicon Mechanics are here to help you. We promise to always keep you and your organization well informed about advancements that will accelerate your research to getting published, or your developers in launching the next geo-spatial application that leverages IOT Big Data by building modular and highly scalable Open technology platforms that assure your scientific future is at the power of your fingertips.


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