SimScale Brings Cloud-based CAE to Academics and Students Worldwide

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simscaleToday SimScale launched the SimScale Academic Program which brings cloud-based CAE software into universities, schools, and classrooms around the world.

SimScale is a new-generation CAE platform that supports Structural Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics, and Thermal Analysis. Students, Researchers, and Educators can now harness the power of the cloud to run engineering simulations on any laptop, anywhere.

With no downloads, no installs, and advanced collaboration tools, SimScale is quickly becoming the CAE software of choice for many academic users who are looking for a free, high-performance simulation environment for FEA, CFD, and Thermal Analysis. Because the computing is all done in the cloud, a high end workstation is not necessary for getting results – rather any laptop running with a Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chrome OS and an internet connection will get the job done. For students and educators with a tight budget, this is a huge step in the right direction.

For students, the SimScale Academy is a new learning platform that offers on-demand courses about engineering simulation. There are currently two courses available: the SimScale Biomedical Engineering Workshop and the SimScale CFD Master Class. More courses by top instructors will be added in the upcoming year.

For educators, tutorials and resources for learning how to use SimScale and bring it into the classroom are now easily accessible. We’ve also partnered with Onshape to create a 3-week “Add on” curriculum. Complete with lesson plans, homework assignments, and student assessments, this curriculum focuses on using Finite Element Analysis and the SimScale platform to analyze, optimize and improve product designs.

A special Academic Plan is also available for qualified students, researchers, and educators who need to create private projects. This 6-month plan is aimed at:

  • Students who are members of a Student Design Team (ie Formula Student, Formula SAE, SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Design, etc)
  • Students who are writing a Thesis or Dissertation
  • Students who are enrolled in a school course using SimScale and have a valid code from their instructor
  • Researchers who are teaching a course with SimScale or working on a research project
  • Educators who are teaching a course with SimScale or working on a research project

With more than 200 colleges, universities, and schools already using SimScale, the company looks forward to seeing how our academic users continue to create, learn, and become simulation experts using SimScale.

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