Call for Papers: Supercomputing Frontiers 2017 in Singapore

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scfrontiersThe Supercomputing Frontiers 2017 conference in Singapore has issued its Call for Papers. As Singapore’s annual international HPC conference, Supercomputing Frontiers provides a platform for thought leaders from both academia and industry to interact and discuss visionary ideas, important global trends and substantial innovations in supercomputing. The event takes place March 13-16, 2017.

You are cordially invited to contribute as an author or participant in the third edition of “Supercomputing Frontiers” which will take place in Singapore on March 13-16, 2017.

The third edition of Supercomputing Frontiers 2017 will feature an exciting lineup of speakers and the program will include sessions on:

  • Efforts to build exascale supercomputers
  • Software and run-time systems for exascale era
  • New, non-standard processor architectures
  • Supercomputing and cryptography: classical, quantum and post-quantum approaches and methods
  • Integration of computing hardware, storage and networking in HPC and Big Data domains
  • HPC applications in science, medicine & business

The list of keynote speakers include:

  • Gordon Bell (Microsoft Research Silicon Valley Laboratory, USA)
  • Alessandro Curioni (IBM Research Laboratory, Switzerland)
  • Thomas Dunning (NCSA, USA)
  • Haohuan Fu (NSCC Wuxi, China)
  • Invited speakers include:
  • Maciej Brodowicz (CREST, Indiana University, USA)
  • David Donforio (Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, USA)
  • John Gustafson (A*CRC, Singapore)
  • Kenneth P. Jacobsen (Emu Technology, USA)
  • Mark Moraes (D.E. Shaw Group, USA)
  • Richard Murphy (Micron, USA)
  • Maire O’Niell (Queen’s University, UK)
  • John Shalf (NERSC, USA)

Abstract submissions are due January 8, 2017.

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