Thread and Memory Scaling Beyond Multicores

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hqdefaultIn this video from Multicore Day 2016, Stefanos Kaxiras from Uppsala University presents: Thread and Memory Scaling Beyond Multicores.

“This talk will present the ArgoDSM, a modern, highly-scalable, user-level, distributed shared memory system for clusters. While DSMs have their roots in high-performance computing where the scaling of threads (computation) is the goal, we are witnessing a tremendous interest in Big Data workloads where memory scaling is the target. I will describe how ArgoDSM bridges these two worlds and forms a vehicle for research in Big Data and HPC alike.”

Stefanos Kaxiras is a full professor at Uppsala University, Sweden. He holds a PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin. In 1998, he joined the Computing Sciences Center at Bell Labs (Lucent) and later Agere Systems. In 2003 he joined the faculty of the ECE Department of the University of Patras, Greece and in 2010 became a full professor at Uppsala University, Sweden. Kaxiras’ research interests are in the areas of memory systems, and multiprocessor/multicore systems, with a focus on power efficiency. He has co-authored more than 100 research papers and 13 US patents, participated in five major European research projects, and currently receives funding from Sweden’s business incubator and innovation agency VINNOVA. He is a Distinguished ACM Scientist and IEEE member.

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