2017 PBS User Group Video Gallery

Welcome to the 2017 PBS User Group Video Gallery

Interview: Jérémie Bourdoncle on how PBSCloud.io drives Cloud HPC Appliances

  • Keynote Address – Les Ottolenghi, EVP & Chief Information Officer, Caesars Palace Entertainment, Video
  • PBS Professional at NCI – Rodger Edberg, Manager of User Services at the National Computational Infrastructure, NCI, Video
  • Prototype Features for PBS Professional at NAS – Greg Matthews, Onsite Contractor at Ames Research Center, NASA Ames, Video
  • Containers and Orchestration Tool Interaction with HPC Resource Manager – Thomas Leung, HPC Principal Technologist, GE, Video
  • Simplifying your HPC System Software Stack with Intel HPC Orchestrator & PBS Professional – Tom Krueger, Director of Business Development, HPC Platform Software, Datacenter Group, Intel, Video
  • Using Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services with PBS Professional
    Bruce Burns, Senior Director of Oracle’s Bare Metal Cloud Services (BMCS), Oracle, Video
  • Roadmap Discussion/Q&A with PBS Works Product Managers, Video
    • Bill Nitzberg, PBS Works CTO, Moderator
    • Jon Shelly, PBS Professional
    • Scott Campbell, PBS Professional
    • Dario Dorella, Compute Manager/Display Manager (PBS Access)
    • Jérémie Bourdoncle, Director of PBS Cloud
  • Optimizing HPC Service Delivery, Jim Glidewell, HPC Analyst, Boeing, Video
    • Better Experience for HPC Applications, Dario Dorella, Senior Manager, Product Specialist, Altair, Video
  • Experimental Determination of Expansion Factor Versus Utilization Using Scheduler Simulation
    Bill Ward, Deputy Program Manager for Technology for Team SAIC/HITS-U, Video
  • PBS Pro – Periodic Hook to Build / Destroy Cloud Instances on Demand based on Queued Jobs
    Phil Crawford, Unix system admin, Chevron, Video Not Available
  • Supercomputing at UNLV National Supercomputing Institute, Zack Miles, Associate Vice President for Economic Development, UNLV, Video
  • Storage Aware Job Scheduling – Jignesh (Jig) Bhadaliya, CTO, HPC/EDA, Dell EMC, Video
  • Consolidating HPC Systems & Services: Challenges and Benefits – Ramesh Krishnan, Propulsions Systems Division, Orbital ATK, Video
  • Overview of Panasas Storage, Dale Brantley, Panasas, Video
  • Vendor Technology Q&A Panel, Video
    • Rich Brueckner, insideHPC – Moderator
    • Bruce Burns, Oracle
    • Tom Krueger, Intel
    • Dale Brantly, Panasas
  • Discussion and Q&A with the PBS Works Engineering Team, Video
    • Bill Nitzberg, PBS Works CTO – Moderator
    • Lisa Endrjukaitis, Technical Supervisor
    • Mike Karo, Senior Software Engineer
    • Bhroam Mann, Project Engineer
    • Serguei Smirnov, VP, Software Development
    • Subhasis Bhattachary, Director – Software Development
  • Final thoughts – Bill Nitzberg, PBS Works CTO, Video