Compute Canada Receives Funding for National Supercomputing Platform

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computecanadaToday the Canada Foundation for Innovation announced an award of $69,455,000 through its Major Science Initiative Fund for the Compute Canada project. This award will be used to continue the operation of the national advanced research computing platform that serves more than 10,000 researchers at universities, post-secondary institutions and research institutions across Canada.

Compute Canada provides the advanced research computing and big data services required for today’s research endeavors. This infrastructure has transformed the way the world conducts scientific and engineering research. Supercomputing has enabled discovery, insight and development in ways we once thought were impossible,” says Mark Dietrich, President and CEO of Compute Canada. “This digital infrastructure and the experts that support it are key to extracting value from big data, and enabling the development of a diverse and well-prepared 21st century workforce.”

Supercomputers and other advanced research computing systems are essential infrastructure. They are used around the world to accelerate scientific discovery for national competitiveness and economic success. High performance computing powers discovery and innovation in almost every sector of our Canadian industry and impacts everything from finding disease cures to building environmentally efficient aeroplanes and cars.

The funding was announced today by the Minister of Science, the Honorable Kirsty Duncan, on behalf of the Government of Canada, through the Canada Foundation for Innovation who are investing more than $328 million to more than 17 projects across Canada for the period 2012 to 2017.

The Major Science Initiatives Fund is a program that ensures Canada’s large, complex research facilities that serve communities of researchers have the support they need to continue to operate.

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