Dell EMC Powers Summit Supercomputer at CU Boulder

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In this video, researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder describe how the Summit supercomputer from Dell EMC is powering diverse compute and data intensive applications.

“The University of Colorado, Boulder supports researchers’ large-scale computational needs with their newly optimized high performance computing system, Summit. Summit is designed with advanced computation, network, and storage architectures to deliver accelerated results for a large range of HPC and big data applications. Summit is built on Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers, Intel Omni-Path Architecture Fabric and Intel Xeon Phi Knights Landing processors.”

Summit is a heterogeneous computing system with traditional CPU compute nodes, GPU and MIC accelerator nodes, high-memory nodes, an Intel OmniPath Fat-Tree interconnect, and 1 PB of scratch disk storage.

System Specifications:

  • 9,024 Haswell CPU cores; 128 GB RAM / compute node
  • 99,840 GPU cores; Nvidia K80 GPU cards
  • 1,440 Knights-Landing Phi cores
  • 5 HiMem compute nodes with 2TB RAM / node
  • 1 Petabyte DDN SFA14K scratch storage
  • 100 GB/sec. OmniPath interconnect

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