Experts Weigh in on 2017 Artificial Intelligence Predictions

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Jim McCugh, VP & GM at Nvidia

Jim McHugh, VP & GM at Nvidia

In this presentation from Nvidia, top AI experts from the world’s most influential companies weigh in on predicted advances for AI in 2017:

  • “In 2017, there will be a chatbot that passes the Turing test, exhibiting responses so human-like that an average person wouldn’t be able to tell if it’s human or machine,” said Jim McHugh Vice President and General Manager, NVIDIA. “In 2017, the race will shift. Nations of the world will compete on who has the smartest supercomputer, not solely the fastest.”
  • Ian Buck, VP of Accelerated computing at Nvidia

    Ian Buck, VP of Accelerated computing at Nvidia

    “In 2017, intelligence will trump speed. Over the last several decades, nations have competed on speed, intent to build the world’s fastest supercomputer,” said Ian Buck, VP of Accelerated computing at Nvidia.

  • “5% of all new enterprise apps will some form of AI in 2017 and 50% by the year of 2021,” said Patrick Moorhead, Founder, President, and Principal Analyst of Moor Insights and Strategy.

In related news, Daniel Gutierrez from insideBigData has compiled an extensive listing of industry predictions from Big Data thought leaders.

AI, ML, and NLP innovations have really exploded this past year but despite a lot of hype, most of the tangible applications are still based on specialized AI and not general AI. We will continue to see new use-cases of such specialized AI across verticals and key business processes. These use-cases would primarily be focused on the evolutionary process improvement side of the digital transformation.”

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