Radio Free HPC Interviews Henry’s Mom and Congratulates The UberCloud on New Funding

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Binnie Coppersmith, AKA Henry’s Mom on her 80th Birthday

In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team speaks to our special guest for the week: Binnie Coppersmith, also known as Henry’s Mom. It’s Binnie’s 80th birthday, and Dan wants to know once and for all if Henry is an alien, or at least why he is the way he is. It’s a heart-warming investigative journey to be sure, and we even find out how Henry almost became the ambassador to Freedonia.

After that around the 11-minute mark, we look at why the UberCloud has received $1.7 Million in Pre-A Series funding. It’s great news for HPC in the Cloud.

“The UberCloud has created an entire cloud computing ecosystem for complex technical simulations, leveraging cloud infrastructure providers, developing and utilizing middleware container technology, and bringing on board established and proven application software providers, all for the benefit of a growing community of engineers and scientists that need to solve critical technical problems on demand,” said Roland Manger, co-founder and Partner at Earlybird. “While technical computing has been slow to adopt the benefits of the Cloud, we are convinced that UberCloud can be a catalyst for change.”

UberCloud is the online Community, Marketplace, and Software Container Factory where engineers, scientists,and their service providers, discover try, and buy ubiquitous high-performance computing power and Software-as-a-Service from Cloud resource providers and application software vendors around the world. Engineers and scientists can explore, discuss, and use computing power on demand to solve critical design and development problems.

We are excited to welcome Roland Manger on our Board of Directors,” added Wolfgang Gentzsch, co-founder and President of UberCloud. “Earlybird’s funding, together with continuous support from our strong partners Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Intel, and Microsoft Azure, will enable us to serve the multi-billion-dollar technical computing market in front of us and take UberCloud to the next level of fully automated container technology.”

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