Video: AI – The Next HPC Workload

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Marc Hamilton, VP of Solutions Architecture and Engineering at Nvidia

In this video, Marc Hamilton from Nvidia presents: AI – The Next HPC Workload.

“From new cloud offerings on AWS and Azure, to Summit and Sierra, the 150+ PF supercomputers being built by the US in 2017, new AI workloads are driving the rapid growth of GPU accelerated HPC systems. For years, HPC simulations have generated ever increasing amounts of big data, a trend further accelerated by GPU computing. With GPU Deep Learning and other AI approaches, a larger amount of big data than ever can now be used to advance scientific discovery. In addition, entirely new GPU Deep Learning workloads from non-traditional HPC customers are bringing new demands for GPU rich “strong node” configurations to HPC data centers. This demand is being met by a new class of energy efficient multi-GPU servers capable of supporting 4 to 8 GPUs such as IBM’s “Minsky” NVLink enabled server and NVIDIA’s DGX-1. Learning how NVIDIA, along with our partners and customers, are supporting the evolving demands of AI applications in HPC data centers.”

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