Digital Human Software Added to Altair Partner Alliance

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The Altair Partner Alliance has Santos Pro to its software offerings. Pro predicts human performance in order to aid in human-centric virtual design and analysis, while considering human strength, fatigue, flexibility, balance, vision and posture as well as clothing and other equipment worn on the body, external forces and environmental conditions. Example uses of this multi-faceted tool include identifying potential workplace motion inefficiencies and injuries, and enhancing the user experience during product design.

“At Altair, we believe human-centered design is more than just mechanical fit; rather, it’s an exploration of the entire experience of users with a product, including ergonomic interface, usability and design aesthetics” said Jeff Brennan, Chief Marketing Officer at Altair. “As such, SantosHuman’s philosophy aligns nicely with ours and this partnership will enable Altair’s customers to further optimize their products’ performance early in the development cycle.”

Santos Pro predictive models for virtual product and process testing reduce the need for physical prototypes for human-in-the-loop product assessment by providing a highly cost effective means of performing continuous rounds of trade-off analysis throughout any new product’s entire design cycle. In addition to providing value through the reduction of prototypes, Pro helps increase quality and ensures effective human systems integration with product and process development.

“I am extremely pleased with the opportunity to partner with Altair at this time. The need for digital human modeling and simulation is more important now than ever before to reduce costs and improve the competitive edge,” said Steven C. Beck, President and CEO at SantosHuman Inc. (SHI). “Altair’s world class marketing teams and global presence will be critical in providing our target industries with state-of-the-art Santos technologies.”

Use of Santos technologies can measurably reduce costs and increase the competitive edge in almost every industry, a few of which include: consumer goods, automotive, government-defense, medical equipment and prosthetics, heavy industry and aerospace.

“Along with general national trends in the technology sector, digital human modeling is moving towards higher fidelity models and more extensive integration between models. Seamless communication between analysis methods and tools is becoming more critical and more feasible, and this partnership provides a unique step in this direction,” said Dr. Tim Marler, SHI’s Chief Research Officer and Director of the Santos Institute.

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