Emerson Roxar Applies ebb3 Remote Visualization for Oil & Gas

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Today UK-based ebb3 announced that Emerson Automation Solutions is deploying high-performance software for the oil and gas industry virtually using ebb3’s remote visualization technology.

The Roxar reservoir management software has to handle very large models, and many models simultaneously for uncertainty analysis,” Robert Frost, Product Development Manager at Emerson. “The more refined these are, the more graphical processing is required. This is one of the most challenging areas of virtualization, and virtual desktops with the power to support such high-powered graphics are almost unheard of. Along with the platform and partnership services that ebb3 provides, the power they’ve harnessed for virtual access to 3D visualization software is impressive. Being able to keep data in the data centre for fast access without compromising visualization and usability is a huge step forward.”

ebb3’s platform will enable users of Emerson’s latest specialist software, RMS and Tempest, to work remotely without lag, performance issues, or the need to store data locally. After careful testing, Emerson will now deploy their latest software on ebb3’s platform, the High Powered Virtual Computer (HPVC).

“Due to the rapid growth in size and diversity of data types in oil and gas, application workflows continue to evolve,” said Mark Vickers, CEO of ebb3. “Feeding data to workstations has become difficult, and at the same time oil and gas processes increasingly require use by a mobile workforce. Until now, accessing the most powerful applications remotely has been complicated, tricky to manage and hasn’t provided the quality and responsiveness necessary for optimum use. We’re proud to provide a platform that enables specialists to use the best software available for visualization, modeling and simulation that’s approved by Emerson.”

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