Intel Skylake Comes to Google Cloud Platform

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Today the Google Cloud Platform announced that it is the first cloud provider to offer the next generation Intel Xeon processor, codenamed Skylake.

Google and Intel have had a long standing engineering partnership working on Data Center innovation. We’re happy to see the latest Intel Xeon technology now available on Google Cloud Infrastructure,” said Diane Bryant, Intel Executive Vice President & GM of the Data Center Group. “This technology delivers significant enhancements for compute-intensive workloads, efficiently accelerating data analytics that businesses depend on for operations and growth.”

Customers across a range of industries including healthcare, media and entertainment and financial services ask for the best performance and efficiency for their high-performance compute workloads. With Skylake processors, GCP customers are the first to benefit from the next level of performance.

Skylake includes Intel Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX-512), which make it ideal for scientific modeling, genomic research, 3D rendering, data analytics and engineering simulations. When compared to previous generations, Skylake’s AVX-512 doubles the floating-point performance for the heaviest calculations. In our own internal tests, it improved application performance by up to 30%.

We optimized Skylake for Google Compute Engine’s complete family of VMs — standard, highmem, highcpu and Custom Machine Types to help bring the next generation of high performance compute instances to everyone.

Skylake processors are available in five GCP regions: Western US, Eastern US, Central US, Western Europe, and Eastern Asia Pacific.

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