Podcast: Cybersecurity Challenges in a World of AI

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In this Science Friday podcast, Ira Flatow discusses the cybersecurity challenges of an A.I. world with a panel of computer scientists.

“From home assistants like the Amazon Echo to Google’s self-driving cars, artificial intelligence is slowly creeping into our lives. These new technologies could be enormously beneficial, but they also offer hackers unique opportunities to harm us. For instance, a self-driving car isn’t just a robot—it’s also an internet-connected device, and may even have a cell phone number.”

Speakers include:

So how can automakers make sure their vehicles are as hack-proof as possible, and who will ensure that security happens? And as the behavior of artificially intelligent systems grows increasingly sophisticated, how will we even know if our cars and personal assistants are behaving as programmed, or if they’ve been compromised?This weekend, some of the top thinkers in artificial intelligence and computer science will gather at Arizona State University’s Origins Project Great Debate to ponder those questions, and many more, about the potential challenges of an A.I.-dominated future, and the unique threats it poses to democracy, healthcare and military systems, and beyond.

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