Radio Free HPC Looks at How Bosch Helped Volkswagen Cheat Emissions Tests

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In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team looks at recent developments in the Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal. According to reports, auto parts supplier Bosch wrote the software for VW that enabled the company’s diesel vehicles to cheat on emissions tests. We know because Bosch asked VW for indemnity back in 2006.

In other news:

After that, we do our Catch of the Week:

  • Henry points us to a Register story that the Soros Group has purchased Violin Memory for $14 Million. What does a hedge fund want with a flash memory company? Rich and Dan think it’s a patent play.
  • Shahin points us to the story about a Chimera story about how scientists are injecting human stem cells into pigs in order to harvest organs that will not be rejected by the human immune system.
  • Dan is looking into EGPUs for accelerating desktop video applications. He can’t seem to get his enclosure working with Windows 10.
  • Rich points us to the news that Hexagon AB from Sweden is purchasing MSC Software.
  • Rich also provides a quick preview of the HPC Advisory Council Stanford Conference, which starts Tuesday, February 7 in Palo Alto. Our own Shahin Khan of OrionX will be one of the featured speakers. His talk is entitled: Industry Insights: Hot Technology Topics in 2017.

Abstract: From BitCoins and AltCoins to Design Thinking, Autonomous tech and the changing nature of jobs, IoT and cyber risk, and the impact of application architecture on cloud computing, we’ll touch on some of the hottest technologies in 2017 that are changing the world and how HPC will be the engine that drives it.

Download the Full Conference Program for the HPC Advisory Council Stanford Conference. Register now.

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