Andrew Ng Leaving Baidu for Next Chapter in AI

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Andrew Ng, Chief Scientist, Baidu & Associate Professor (Research) at Stanford University

Today AI visionary Andrew Ng announced he is leaving Baidu for a new chapter in Artificial Intelligence.

As the founding lead of the Google Brain project, and more recently through my role at Baidu, I have played a role in the transformation of two leading technology companies into “AI companies.” But AI’s potential is far bigger than its impact on technology companies. I will continue my work to shepherd in this important societal change. In addition to transforming large companies to use AI, there are also rich opportunities for entrepreneurship as well as further AI research. I want all of us to have self-driving cars; conversational computers that we can talk to naturally; and healthcare robots that understand what ails us. The industrial revolution freed humanity from much repetitive physical drudgery; I now want AI to free humanity from repetitive mental drudgery, such as driving in traffic. This work cannot be done by any single company — it will be done by the global AI community of researchers and engineers. My Machine Learning MOOC on Coursera helped many people enter AI. In addition to working on AI myself, I will also explore new ways to support all of you in the global AI community, so that we can all work together to bring this AI-powered society to fruition. I am more optimistic than ever about the fantastic future we will build with AI. Lets keep working hard to get AI to help everyone!

In this video, Andrew Ng explains why every company needs a Chief AI Officer.

Andrew Ng is VP & Chief Scientist of Baidu; Co-Chairman and Co-Founder of Coursera; and an Adjunct Professor at Stanford University.  In 2011 he led the development of Stanford University’s main MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) platform and also taught an online Machine Learning class that was offered to over 100,000 students, leading to the founding of Coursera.

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  1. This will put 50% of people out of work. To be responsible we must figure out to take care of these people. We already see this happening now and the response from businesses has been “let them eat cake” So, while you are out there changing tech for the common man don’t forget the comman man.