Call for Papers: iRODS User Group in The Netherlands

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Users of the integrated iRODS Rule Oriented Data System from around the globe will gather at the iRODS User Group meeting to discuss iRODS-enabled applications, discoveries, and technologies. The event takes place June 13-15 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Thousands of businesses, research centers, and government agencies located in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and Africa use iRODS for flexible, policy-based data management that provides long-term preservation and federation.

The meeting will offer more than 25 presentations from the user community and the core iRODS development team, including use case presentations, live demonstrations, and open discussions about requested iRODS features. The iRODS team anticipates an audience of about 150 participants representing academic, government, and commercial institutions.

Call for Papers:

Attendees will have the chance to present their iRODS stories in a variety of ways:

  • 20-minute presentations that explain a novel iRODS application or development
  • 40-minute talks/demonstrations that offer an explanation of an iRODS use case along with a live demonstration of the technology
  • Presenters must submit an abstract by May 1.

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