Call for Technical Papers: SC17 in Denver

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SC17 has issues its Call for Technical Papers. The event takes place Nov 12-17 in Denver.

“The Technical Papers Program at SC is the leading venue for presenting the highest-quality original research, from the foundations of HPC to its emerging frontiers. The Conference Committee solicits submissions of excellent scientific merit that introduce new ideas to the field and stimulate future trends on topics such as applications, systems, parallel algorithms, data analytics and performance modeling. SC also welcomes submissions that make significant contributions to the “state-of-the-practice” by providing compelling insights on best practices for provisioning, using and enhancing high-performance computing systems, services, and facilities.”

Submissions will be considered on any topic related to high-performance computing including:

  • Algorithms: The development, evaluation and optimization of scalable, general-purpose, high-performance algorithms.
  • Applications: The development and enhancement of algorithms, models, software and problem solving environments for domain-specific applications that require high-performance resources.
  • Architecture and Networks: All aspects of high-performance hardware including the optimization and evaluation of processors and networks.
  • Clouds and Distributed Computing: All aspects of clouds and distributed computing that are related to high-performance computing systems, including architecture, configuration, optimization and evaluation.
  • Data Analytics, Visualization and Storage: All aspects of data analytics, visualization and storage related to high-performance computing systems.
  • Performance: Cross-cutting aspects of large-scale performance, including power and/or resilience, that typically span multiple areas of expertise and are crucial factors in the design of scalable high-performance computing systems.
  • Programming Systems: Technologies that support parallel programming for large-scale systems as well as smaller-scale components that will plausibly serve as building blocks for next-generation high-performance computing architectures.
  • State of the Practice: All aspects related to the pragmatic practices of HPC, including infrastructure, services, facilities and large-scale application executions. Submissions that develop best practices, optimized designs or benchmarks are of particular interest. Although concrete case studies within a conceptual framework often serve as the basis for accepted papers, how the experience generalizes to wider applicability should be explored.
  • System Software: Operating system (OS), runtime system and other low- level software research & development that enables allocation and management of hardware resources for high-performance computing applications and services.

Abstract Submissions are due March 20.

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