CloudLightning Conference Coming to Dublin April 11

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The CloudLighting project will host a is free HPC conference in Dublin on April 11. The event will be held in conjunction with NC4 – the Sixth National Conference on Cloud Computing and Commerce.

The Cloud Lightning conference will feature academics and industry professionals from across Europe and the UK who will deliver presentations, talks, and research findings into High Performance Infrastructure for Public Sector Research, Heterogeneous Computing, HPC in the Cloud Use Cases, and Next Generation Resource Management for cloud/HPC.

Featured topics include:

  • Current infrastructure support for academic and scientific communities
  • New hardware and developments
  • Theoretical and practical aspects of heterogeneous computing
  • Heterogeneity in HPC and cloud architectures
  • Methodologies for porting HPC applications to the cloud
  • Challenges, risks and opportunities of HPC in the cloud
  • Resource management for heterogeneous and hyperscale environments
  • Energy and cost efficiency

In addition to presentations by CloudLightning’s project partners – Prof. John Morrison (University College Cork), Prof. George Gravvanis (Democritus University of Thrace) and Dr. Suryanarayanan Natarajan (Intel) – speakers will include Prof. Dieter Kranzlmüller (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich), Alison Kennedy (Science and Technology Facilities Council, UK), Dr. Anthony Ventresque (University College Dublin), Dr. Ravi Manumachu (University College Dublin), Michaela Blott (Xilinx) and David Power (vScaler).

The event will be of particular interest to Datacenters, Cloud service providers, and companies that use HPC and cloud technologies for oil and gas exploration, ray tracing / 3D image rendering and genome processing, and academic researchers in the fields of computer science, HPC and the Cloud.

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