Huawei to Provide HPC Services to Tenerife in Canary Islands

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Today Huawei announced an agreement with the Institute of Technology and Renewable Energy (ITER) to provide HPC services on Tenerife, one of the Spanish-controlled Canary Islands off the west coast of Africa.

The agreement established the collaboration between ITER and Huawei to jointly develop the capacity in super-computation, smart technology, big data applications and analysis applications, in which we have made important progress,” said Carlos Antonio Rodriguez, president of the local Administrative Council that runs ITER. “This will make Tenerife a better connected island in every aspect, and counting on companies as important as Huawei will allow us to develop, create new services, and improve our economy,” added Rodriguez.

ITER was founded in 1990 to promote scientific research applied to the field of renewable energy. Located close to the Natural Park of Montaña Pelada, Iter has three wind farms, a wind tunnel, and several photovoltaic plants exceeding 24 MW installed.

Huawei will also train ITER technicians on the use of the HPC, and provide management and monitoring software, reflecting Huawei’s commitment to help develop HPC, big data and smart cities in Tenerife.

Li Xiaoke, vice president of Huawei’s Business Sector in Western Europe, said that Huawei has been “making important efforts in recent years to promote the development of telecommunications in the Canary Islands and will continue to work towards further innovation there.”

He added the signing of the agreement represented another step in strengthening Huawei’s role as a strategic partner in the digital transformation of the Canary Islands.

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