Interview: XTREME DESIGN Automates HPC Cloud Configurations

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Tokyo-based Startup XTREME DESIGN recently announced it has raised $700K of funding in its pre-series A round. Launched in early 2015, the Startup’s XTREME DNA software automates the process of configuring, deploying, and monitoring virtual supercomputers on public clouds. To learn more, we caught up with the company’s founder, Naoki Shibata.

insideHPC: Who is Extreme Design and Who do you help?

Naoki Shibata: Our team is a technical startup for focusing HPC cloud technology. Our team has the optimial skill set for HPC architecture, public cloud architecture, rapid development of web applications for HPC, and Data Analytics for developing automated HPC architectural services.

insideHPC: What prompted you to create this technology?

Naoki Shibata: We developed own service named XTREME DNA, an “unmanned” service of operations monitoring / dynamic changing configurations for effective system utilization by deploying virtual supercomputers on public cloud.

insideHPC: Can you describe how someone would use your software in terms of a workflow?

Naoki Shibata: Customers can use our easy-to-deploy turnkey HPC cluster system on public cloud, including setup of HPC middleware (OpenHPC-based packages), configuration of SLURM, OpenMPI, and OSS HPC applications such as OpenFOAM. The user can start the hpc cluster (submitting jobs) within 10 minutes on the public cloud.

insideHPC: You use AI technology. Is this basically HPC architect kind of knowledge base?

Naoki Shibata: Yes, it is based on HPC Architect skill set.

insideHPC: Your technology works with AWS and Azure. What is coming next?

Naoki Shibata: For the moment, XTREME DNA is supported Azure and AWS. We are developing features for connecting other public clouds (ex. Google and Japanese cloud vendors) and also hybrid (on-premises + public clouds).

XTREME DESIGN will exhibit a new UI/UX concept and Data controller for supercomputers, IoT, and Big Data Analysis at the SXSW conference in March 10-19 in Austin, Texas.

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