Podcast: Using GPUs and AI to Fight Cybercrime

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Dr. Eli David, CTO, Deep Instinct

In this AI Podcast, Dr. Eli David from Deep Instinct discusses how AI os being used to fight cybercrime.

“Cybersecurity is a cat-and-mouse game where the mouse always has long had the upper hand because it’s so easy for new malware to go undetected. Dr. Eli David, an expert in computational intelligence and CTO of Deep Instinct, wants to use AI to change that, bringing the GPU-powered deep learning techniques underpinning modern speech and image recognition to the vexing world of cybersecurity.”

Dr. Eli David is a leading expert in the field of computational intelligence, specializing in deep learning (neural networks) and evolutionary computation. He has published more than thirty papers in leading artificial intelligence journals and conferences, mostly focusing on applications of deep learning and genetic algorithms in various real-world domains. For the past ten years, he has been teaching courses on deep learning and evolutionary computation at Bar-Ilan University, in addition to supervising the research of graduate students in these fields. He has also served in numerous capacities successfully designing, implementing, and leading deep learning based projects in real-world environments.

Dr. David is the developer of Falcon, a grandmaster-level chess playing program, which automatically learns by processing datasets of chess games. The program reached the second place in World Computer Speed Chess Championship 2008 relying solely on machine learning for its performance. He received the Best Paper Award in 2008 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, the Gold Award in the prestigious “Humies” Awards for Human-Competitive Results in 2014, and recently the Best Paper Award in 2016 International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks.

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