SUSE Adds HPC Module for ARM-based Systems

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Over at the SUSE Blog, Jay Kruemcke writes that the High-Performance Computing Module (HPC Module) for SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLES) is now available for 64-bit ARM (AArch64) systems. The HPC Module is delivered as an add-on product to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

In summary, the HPC module allows us to keep the content closer to what’s happening in the HPC community upstream, providing more leading-edge tools in a more manageable fashion, leveraging a different lifecycle than the base SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. The new HPC module contains packages to optimize and manage HPC systems, and build HPC applications – building a bridge between the base server and an HPC stack (such as the stack provided by OpenHPC). This journey has started – some packages have already been made public and we have much more in the works and in our release queue.

A SUSE “module” is a set of software packages within SUSE Linux Enterprise Server which

  1. focus on a certain use case
  2. can be activated free of charge
  3. run on a different lifecycle than the base server.

The HPC community is undergoing a rapid transformation to faster innovation and easier to install tools because of the open collaboration provided by the OpenHPC project. SUSE is a founding member of the OpenHPC community and has worked with OpenHPC and our partners to support OpenHPC for X86-64 and ARM-processor based systems. In addition to traditional, scientific computing workloads, we are seeing many companies creating HPC environments for data analytics and other business-focused workloads. These companies do not have an extensive team to maintain those environments and have a need for commercial support for their HPC software.

This is where SUSE Linux Enterprise High Performance Computing Module can help. The packages included in the HPC Module are fully supported by SUSE under the base SUSE Linux Enterprise subscription.

Currently, the SLES 12 HPC Module includes these packages:

  • conman – 0.2.7
  • cpuid – 20151017 (X86-64 only)
  • hwloc – 1.11.5
  • lua-lmod – 6.5.11
  • lua-luafilesystem – 1.6.3
  • lua-luaposix – 33.2.1
  • lua-luaterm – 0.7
  • memkind – 1.7.0 (X86-64 only)
  • mrsh – 2.12
  • munge – 0.5.12
  • pdsh – 2.31
  • powerman – 2.3.24
  • prun – 1.0
  • rasdaemon – 0.5.7
  • slurm –

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  1. Just to be clear, the HPC Module is not an add on product but is included with the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server subscription. It is packaged seperately to provide the responsiveness required for the HPC market