Video: RDMA on ARM

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Pavel Shamis, Principal Research Engineer at ARM

In this video from the OpenFabrics Workshop, Pavel Shamis from ARM Research presents: RDMA on ARM.

“Applications, programming languages, and libraries that leverage sophisticated network hardware capabilities have a natural advantage when used in today’s and tomorrow’s high-performance and data center computer environments. Modern RDMA based network interconnects provides incredibly rich functionality (RDMA, Atomics, OS-bypass, etc.) that enable low-latency and high-bandwidth communication services. The functionality is supported by a variety of interconnect technologies such as InfiniBand, RoCE, iWARP, Intel OPA, Cray’s Aries/Gemini, and others. OFA organization and LinuxRDMA community have been playing a predominant role in the enablement efficient and vendor agnostic software stack for those interconnects. Over the last decade, the community has developed variety user/kernel level protocols and libraries that enable a variety of applications over RDMA including MPI, SHMEM, NFS over RDMA, IPoIB, and many others.”

“With the emerging availability server platforms based on ARM CPU architecture, it is important to understand ARM integrates with RDMA hardware and software eco-system. In this talk, we will overview ARM architecture and system software stack. We will discuss how ARM CPU interacts with network devices and accelerators. In addition, we will share our experience in enabling RDMA software stack (OFED/MOFED Verbs) and one-sided communication libraries (Open UCX, OpenSHMEM/SHMEM) on ARM and share preliminary evaluation results.”

Pavel Shamis is a Principal Research Engineer at ARM. His research interests include high-performance communication networks, communication middleware, and programming models. Prior to joining ARM, he spent five years at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) as a research scientist at Computer Science and Math Division (CSMD). In this role, Pavel was responsible for research and development multiple projects in high-performance communication domain including: Collective Communication Offload (CORE-Direct & Cheetah), OpenSHMEM, and OpenUCX. Before joining ORNL, Pavel spent ten years at Mellanox Technologies, where he led Mellanox HPC team and was responsible for development HPC software stack, including OFA software stack, OpenMPI, MVAPICH, OpenSHMEM, and other. Pavel earned his MCS of Computer Science degree from Colorado State University, and his B.Sc degree in Education in Technology and Computer Science from Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. Pavel is a recipient of R&D100 award for development of the CORE-Direct collective offload technology.

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