Adaptive Computing Releases Moab HPC Suite 9.1.1

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Today Adaptive Computing announces the latest release of Moab HPC Suite and related add-ons. The new release extends ease-of-use submission and workload management to new platforms by delivering a release of Viewpoint that can now work directly with either Torque or Slurm. Because of this “Open Platform” extension, other related products now automatically work with either resource manager, including remote visualization, submissions of high throughput workloads (Nitro enables tens of thousands to millions of tasks), and use of Adaptive Computing’s new Reporting & Analytics solution. Further, the Moab Accounting Manager solution was extended to work on both platforms out of the box.

Adaptive Computing is keeping its promise to provide ease-of-use capabilities that drive higher user productivity and optimize cost reduction,” says Marty Smuin, CEO of Adaptive Computing. “We are committed to invest in what can drive our customers’ success. We intend to continue pushing forward on our ‘Open Platform’ vision to bring these best-in-class products to the broader HPC market, both on our own Torque platform and other environments.”

Adaptive Computing has also extended the latest release of Torque 6.1.1 to allow automated email notifications to contain additional valuable details such as job owner, resources requested, resources used, path, etc. Torque added support for recent CUDA version 8 updates, as well as made other usability and reliability enhancements.

With this release, Adaptive Computing’s new Reporting & Analytics offering is now available, enabling organizations to leverage the latest in big-data-capable reporting. Organizations can analyze their resource usage and workload data to better understand how their investment is being used. These insights will drive improved efficiency, better capacity planning and greater alignment of resources to mission objectives. With Reporting & Analytics, organizations stream in their usage and workload data, leverage dozens of existing reports or customize their own, and then display the reports in personally tailored dashboards.

Organizations can create reports using the SQL query editor or take advantage of dozens of out-of-the-box reports that cover topics such as average wait times, resource allocation and utilization per group, most requested resources, impact of outage time (node state %’s per time period), core usage efficiency, and many others.

Adaptive Computing’s installer now enables automated deployment of Reporting & Analytics, supports broader “Open Platform” installation for Viewpoint, Nitro, and Remote Visualization, as well as optionally installs NFS to facilitate easier overall suite installation.

Cost management is integral to making efficient use of your expensive HPC investments. Moab Accounting Manager now provides tracking, charging and allocation enforcement to both Torque and Slurm deployments.”

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