Agenda Posted for HPC User Forum in Santa Fe

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Hyperion Research has posted the final agenda for the HPC User Forum April 17-19 in Santa Fe. Note that Hyperion Research is the new name for the former IDC HPC group.

The HPC User Forum community includes thousands of people from the steering committee, member organizations, sponsors and everyone who has attended an HPC User Forum meeting. Our mission is to promote the health of the global HPC industry and address issues of common concern to users. Unlike most other HPC events, the HPC User Forum focuses primarily on important issues — characterizing them, openly discussing them, and acting where possible to address them. Participation in HPC User Forum meetings is open to anyone with an interest in high performance computing or high performance data analysis (big data using HPC), including users, vendors, funders, and others. Since 1999, more than 50 HPC User Forum meetings have been held in North America, Europe and Asia. Thousands of individuals representing hundreds of organizations have attended meetings as speakers or active audience members.

Speakers include:

  • Paul Messina, ECP
  • Suzy Tichenor, ORNL
  • Dave Martin, Argonne
  • Peter Hopton, Iceotope
  • Irene Qualters, NSF
  • Bill Kramer, NCSA
  • Ed Turkel, Dell/EMC
  • Sibendu Som, Argonne
  • Pete Bradley, Pratt & Whitney
  • Daniel Crawford, Virginia Tech
  • Dimitri Kuznesov, DOE
  • Melyssa Fratkin, SDSC
  • Ron Hawkins, SDSC
  • Steve Legensky, Intelligent Light
  • Maarten Sierhuis, Nissan North America
  • Thom Evans, ORNL
  • Joseph Lombardo, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Doug Kothe, ORNL
  • Bob Wisniewski, Intel
  • Karen Tomko, OSC
  • Bill Mannel, HP Enterprise
  • Robert Harrison, Stony Brook University
  • John Turner, ORNL
  • Sunny Sundstrom, HP
  • Eng Lim Goh, HP Enterprise
  • Joe Allen, TACC

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