Engility Pursues NASA Advanced Computing Services Contract

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Lynn Dugle is Engility’s Chief Executive Officer and also serves on the company’s board of directors.

Today Engility that the company will bring its world-class high performance computing capabilities to bear as it competes to win NASA’s Advanced Computing Services contract.

HPC is a strategic, enabling capability for NASA,” said Lynn Dugle, CEO of Engility. “Engility’s cadre of renowned computational scientists and HPC experts, coupled with our proven high performance data analytics solutions, will help increase NASA’s science and engineering capabilities.”

Engility subject matter experts are on the forefront of developing systems and solutions that leverage integrated, multi-scaled scientific and engineering models. Engility applies sophisticated visualization, numerical algorithms and computational frameworks to complex scientific and engineering problems. These can be executed on multi-petascale computing systems to develop HPC solutions, simulations and tools. These solutions, simulations and tools enable warfighters, academics and policymakers to better understand complex phenomena, reduce time to action, enhance their productivity and move complex technologies from the laboratory to the operational mission while saving and improving lives.

Engility’s legacy of HPC success stretches back a quarter century. In 1993, the company reduced U.S. Air Force weather model time by 75 percent. Engility also delivered the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA’s) first commodity-based 64-bit cluster in 2004. In addition, the company established the advanced computing research program in support of the Army’s HPC Research Center, partnering with universities and government labs like NASA Ames Research Center in 2007. Just last year, Engility won a $112 million Food and Drug Administration HPC contract that improves scientific computing. For instance, bioinformatics insights provide faster, better-informed regulatory decisions and enhance collaboration among scientists and the worldwide scientific community.

According to Engility, their HPC team offers some outstanding credentials:

  • Includes some of the best computational and supercomputing scientists in the industry, enabling advanced HPC users to work across all scientific and engineering domains. Engility scientists worked with NOAA to enable the design and acquisition of their first large research and development HPC systems.
  • Secures data. Engility delivers in-depth knowledge, support and direction for all IT security-related activities at NOAA’s Geophysics Fluid
  • Dynamics Laboratory’s Research and Development HPC Program.
  • Helps customers strategize and prioritize investments in HPC. Engility developed a tool that enabled NOAA to make strategic investments in HPC technology and acquisition that have resulted in an accelerated path to next-generation weather and climate modeling.

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