Eurotech Unveils Aurora Tigon V4 System with Intel Xeon Phi

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Today Eurotech announced the Eurotech Aurora Tigon v4, the flagship product of the Eurotech hybrid HPC systems line that adds support for the second generation Intel Xeon Phi Processor. With up to 72 cores (288 threads) per CPU the Xeon Phi brings new levels of performance in the datacenter: the Tigon is one of the most powerful and power efficient supercomputers on the market, featuring up to 18.432 CPU cores and 256 Nvidia Kepler GPUs at less than 100KW per rack.

By introducing these new products, Eurotech shown once more the breadth of our vision, which spans from low power boards, up to the most extreme performance, both in the field and in the datacenter.” said Giuseppe Surace, Eurotech’s Chief Product and Marketing Officer. “Our product portfolio is shaped by the needs of our customers, whose applications range from highly connected and rugged IoT devices up to massive parallel calculators that often provide the backbone for a multitude of services.”

Among the unique features of Eurotech Aurora Tigon, the direct liquid cooling system delivers precision and ultra-efficient cooling to all components, greatly improving reliability and dramatically cutting operational costs when compared to traditional HVAC cooling.


  • Performance – Up to 1PFLOP/s per rack (peak for Intel® Xeon PhiTM 72xx nodes)
  • Save space – 288 blades in a 1.5m2 footprint rack
  • Save energy – more than 7 Gflop/s per Watt for processor boards – data center PUE of 1.05 thanks to 2nd Gen Aurora Direct Hot Water Cooling. No need for air conditioning, up to 50% less energy consumed
  • Modularity and Flexibility – Mix node types in the same chassis leveraging standard, compatible and interoperable components
  • Aurora Direct Hot Water Cooling – All components are cooled by water, temperature from 18°C to 52°C at variable flow rates
  • Reliability– Power measurement, liquid cooling, integrity, no moving parts, no hot spots

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