A Fresh Look at HPC from Huawei Enterprise

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Francis Lam, Huawei

In this video from the Switzerland HPC Conference, Francis Lam from Huawei presents: A Fresh Look at HPC from Huawei Enterprise.

“High performance computing is rapidly finding new uses in many applications and businesses, enabling the creation of disruptive products and services. Huawei, a global leader in information and communication technologies, brings a broad spectrum of innovative solutions to HPC. This talk examines Huawei’s world class HPC solutions and explores creative new ways to solve HPC problems.”

Francis Lam brings extensive HPC experience specializing in server systems design and product management. Before joining Huawei Enterprise USA as Director of Product Management, Francis served in Huawei US R&D Center since 2011 as a Server Architect. Prior to joining Huawei, Francis spent 10+ years with multiple global IT system vendors in Silicon Valley.

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