OCF in the UK Adopts Iceotope Liquid Cooling Technology

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Today Iceotope in the UK announced that system integrator OCF will use their liquid cooling technology to provide greater flexibility for high performance computing users. The partnership brings together Iceotope’s cutting edge cooling technology and OCF’s expertise in the HPC market to deliver fast performance without sacrificing space, noise or cost.

Iceotope’s novel approach to liquid cooling allows us to deliver compute capability for customers with environments outside the traditional air cooled datacentre – for example a factory shop floor or an office environment where standard servers are too noisy,” said Steve Reynolds, sales director at OCF. “Our partnership with Iceotope enables us to provide an alternative and innovative solution for our customers.”

A HPC system built around Iceotope’s liquid cooling technology significantly reduces infrastructure, fitting more IT into the same footprint and saving costly floor space. The removal of fans enables total silence and reduced latency, bringing both minimal disruption and maximum performance for OCF customers.

We’re very pleased to partner with a leading HPC provider such as OCF,” said Peter Hopton, founder and technology director at Iceotope, “As processors become hotter, there is major challenge tor traditional cooling technologies to keep up. Thanks to our innovative liquid cooling, a high performance system becomes optimized for today’s workloads, with the added benefit of both significant capex and opex reduction.”

In this video from SC14, Keith Deakin from ICEOTOPE describes the company’s innovative cooling solutions for HPC.

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