The Past and Future of Aircraft Engine Development

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Pete Bradley

In this video from the HPC User Forum in Santa Fe, Pete Bradley from Pratt & Whitney presents: The Past and Future of Aircraft Engine Development.

“Inside a jet engine, air flowing faster than a hurricane is combined with fuel to generate heat that powers the plane. Designers are turning to supercomputers to model these complex processes to make new engines that are cleaner, quieter and cheaper.”

“Our first aircraft engine transformed the aviation industry. It was the 410-horsepower, air­cooled Wasp, which delivered unprecedented performance and reliability for the time. We have been leading change ever since. Today, Pratt & Whitney develops game-changing technologies for the future, such as the PurePower PW1000G engine, with patented Geared Turbofan engine technology. The company’s worldwide large commercial engine maintenance, repair and overhaul network provides innovative services that add value and delight customers around the globe.”

Pete Bradley is a Fellow at Pratt & Whitney. He is a specialist in applied High Performance Computing, including physics-based analysis and simulation using cluster and grid computing integrated throughout the product life cycle.

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