Video: 2016 HPC Market Results, Growth Projections, and Trends

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In this video from the HPC User Forum in Santa Fe, Earl Joseph from Hyperion Research provides an HPC Market Update.

“Formerly the IDC HPC Research Group, Hyperion Research tracks the high performance market.”

Earl Joseph also describes IDC’s new Exascale Tracking Study.

“We are setting up a tracking system to monitor and show the many Exascale projects around the world. The study tracks the following items:

  • Project goals & timeframes
  • Area being researched and/or developed
  • Project overview
  • Key team members
  • Progress to-data & success points
  • Funding levels
  • Changes inthe approach and/or goals
  • Collaboration in place & desired

According to Joseph, Hyperion Research welcomes the HPC community to participate and suggest additional factors and programs to be tracked.

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