Video: Advancing Open Fabrics Interfaces

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Sean Hefty, Software Engineer, Intel

In this video from the OpenFabrics Workshop, Sean Hefty from Intel presents: Advancing Open Fabrics Interfaces.

“With its initial release two years ago, libfabric advanced the state of fabric software interfaces. One of the promises of OFI was extensibility: adapting to increased demands of fabric services from applications. This session explores the first major enhancements to the libfabric API in response to user demands and learnings.”

Sean Hefty has over 20 years of industry experience at Intel, focused on high-performance networking. He was involved in InfiniBand at its inception, and is a long time contributor and maintainer of OpenFabrics software, both for Linux and Windows systems. In addition to working at Intel, he taught at Oregon Tech as adjunct faculty for 15 years, focusing on database systems, computer networking, and information technology. He holds advanced degrees in computer science and mathematics, and plays kazoo in a heavy metal band.

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