Bright Cluster Manager 8.0 Release Sets New Standard for Automation

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Today Bright Computing announced the release of Bright Cluster Manager 8.0 and Bright OpenStack 8.0 with advanced, integrated solutions to improve ease-of use and management of HPC and Big Data clusters as well as private and public cloud environments.

In our latest software release, we incorporated many new features that our users have requested,” said Martijn de Vries, Chief Technology Officer of Bright Computing. De Vries continues, “We’ve made significant improvements that provide greater ease-of-use for systems administrators as well as end-users when creating and managing their cluster and cloud environments. Our goal is to increase productivity to decrease the time to results.”

Bright Computing continues to deliver enterprise-ready software solutions that enable customers to deploy clusters over bare metal and manage them effectively. It provides single- pane-of-glass management so system administrators can quickly get clusters up and running and keep them running reliably throughout their lifecycle — all with the ease and elegance of a full-featured, enterprise-grade cluster manager.

Key updates in the 8.0 release:

  • A major update to Bright View – with a new a web-based administrator interface and a slick new workflow that operates well on any web-based device, including a tablet, Bright View allows users to login anywhere, anytime to streamline the functions of deploying, managing and monitoring a cluster environment.
  • A new monitoring subsystem – the subsystem was completely rewritten to a simplified and more sophisticated configuration that provides powerful metric collectors and more flexibility.
  • Integration to Microsoft Azure – in addition to AWS support, this new integration with Azure allows users to create virtual clusters in Azure using the Bright cluster on demand feature, and the ability to extend an on-premises cluster into Azure using the Bright cluster extension capability.
  • Support for OpenStack Newton – to manage bare metal, virtual machines, and container frameworks, Bright OpenStack 8.0 features improved logging of OpenStack events, performance improvements, and Ironic support for deployment of instances on bare metal.
  • Integration with Mesos and Marathon – to allow cloud native workloads to be deployed on Bright clusters. Bright provides a streamlined setup process, health checks, service management, and more.

For a full list of enhancements available in this 8.0 release, please visit the “What’s New in 8.0” page.

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