Hyperion Research Announces New HPC Innovation Awards for Data Centers

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Hyperion Research, the new name for the former IDC HPC group, today announced it is adding two new categories to its global awards program for high performance computing innovation. Both new categories are for innovations benefiting HPC use in data centers—either dedicated HPC data centers or the growing number of enterprise data centers that are exploiting HPC server and storage systems for advanced analytics.

The new categories complement Hyperion’s long-standing innovation awards for HPC users:

  1. The first new award category rewards applied HPC innovations for which data centers are primarily responsible.
  2. The second new category rewards HPC vendors for HPC innovations that have proven to benefit data centers.

Hyperion also welcomes submissions for HPC innovations resulting from collaborations between data centers and vendors, and for innovations involving private, hybrid or public clouds.

Hyperion Research welcomes award submissions at any time of year and announces awards twice a year, at the annual ISC European supercomputing conference in June and the annual SC worldwide supercomputing conference in November,” according to Hyperion Research CEO Earl Joseph. “The first round of winners of the new awards will be made public at the ISC’17 conference that will be held in June 2017 in Frankfort Germany.”

Submission forms are available at Hyperion’s website.