Learning from ZFS to Scale Storage on and under Containers

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In this video from the MSST 2107 Mass Storage Conference, Evan Powell presents: Learning from ZFS to Scale Storage on and under Containers.

“What is so new about the container environment that a new class of storage software is emerging to address these use cases? And can container orchestration systems themselves be part of the solution? As is often the case in storage, metadata matters here. We are implementing in the open source OpenEBS.io some approaches that are in some regards inspired by ZFS to enable much more efficient scale out block storage for containers that itself is containerized. The goal is to enable storage to be treated in many regards as just another application while, of course, also providing storage services to stateful applications in the environment.”

Evan Powell has been founding CEO of a number of successful enterprise infrastructure companies including StackStorm (BRCD) and Nexenta, a pioneer in software defined and open storage. These days Evan is hacking away in python and Go while supporting several companies and projects as an advisor, angel, and board member; in early 2017 he joined as Chairman of CloudByte which is the originator of the OpenEBS.io project.

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