Livestream: 2017 MSST Mass Storage Conference

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Kimberly Keeton from Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a featured speaker at the MSST Conference

We are very excited to bring you this livestream of the 2017 MSST Conference in Santa Clara, California. We’ll be broadcasting all the talks today, Wednesday, May 17 at 8:30am PDT.

Wednesday Agenda:

  • Memory Driven Computing, Kimberly Keeton, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (bio)
  • Storage Innovation in Extreme-Scale HPC Data Centers, Ellen Salmon, NASA (bio)
  • Storage Development at CERN, Dr. Michal Simon, CERN (bio)
  • Panel — How Extreme-Scale HPC Data Centers Can Leverage Public Cloud for Computing and Storage
  • Panelists: Ellen Salmon, NASA
  • Dr. Michal Simon, CERN
  • ZFS for Extreme-Scale NAS, Jason Schaffer, Oracle
  • Improving Network Attached Storage, Jim Finlayson, Department of Defense
  • Lightning-fast File Operations for Extreme Scale Name Spaces: Techniques for Applying Structure to Unstructured Data, Bryan Pham, Cloudtenna (bio)
  • Accelerating Ceph data services with Intel QuickAssist Technology and ISA-L, Tushar Gohad, Intel
  • Tiered Erasure – When Flat Doesn’t Fit, David Bonnie, Los Alamos National Laboratory (bio)
  • How Can Extreme-Scale Storage Systems Support Containerization? Unsolved Storage Issues in Linux Container Interfaces, Dr. James Bottomley, IBM (bio)
  • Learning from ZFS to Scale Storage on and under Containers, Evan Powell, Entrepreneur and Hacker (bio)
  • Big Software-RAID Storage in Zoned Virtual Environments, Scott Sinno, NASA (bio)
  • Basic Principles and Challenges of STT-MRAM for Embedded Memory Applications, Luc Thomas, Headway (bio)
  • Persistent Memory Programming: The Current State of the Ecosystem, Andy Rudoff, Intel (bio)
  • Dr. Steven Swanson, University of California, San Diego (bio)
  • A Sideband Database for HPC and Archival Storage Systems Supporting Billions of Files, Jacob Farmer, Starfish
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