One Stop Systems Announces SkyScale HPC as a Service

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Today One Stop Systems (OSS) annouced the launch of SkyScale, a new company that provides HPC as a Service (HPCaaS). For years OSS has been designing and manufacturing the latest in high performance computing and storage systems. Now customers can lease time on these same systems, saving time and money. OSS systems are the distinguishing factor for SkyScale’s HPCaaS offering. OSS has been the first company to successfully produce a system that can operate sixteen of the latest NVIDIA Tesla GPU accelerators connected to a single server. These systems are employed today in deep learning applications and in a variety of industries including defense and oil and gas.

Employing OSS compute and flash storage systems gives SkyScale an overwhelming advantage over competitive companies offering HPC services,” said Steve Cooper, CEO of OSS. “All of the systems available at SkyScale are the same systems currently used in the field by defense and machine learning applications with proven reliability. By making these systems available on a time-rental basis, we’re letting developers take advantage the most sophisticated systems to run their algorithms without having to own the equipment.”

“The NVIDIA Tesla GPU computing platform delivers massive leaps in performance compared to CPU-only systems for HPC applications such as deep learning,” said Paresh Kharya, NVIDIA Tesla Product Management Lead. “By leveraging the massively parallel processing capability of our platform, SkyScale is helping its customers address their most demanding computational challenges.”

SkyScale Systems are immediately available for scheduling.

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